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Welcome to the new Aquarium Warehouse Website, home to a range of supplies, and help with your aquarium and fish.

At The Aquarium Warehouse, we stock a range of pre-built aquariums and stands as well as well known brands. If you are after something in a specific size, we can build custom aquariums and stands to your specifications.

With ceiling to floor warehouses full of marine and freshwater fish, our stores always provide healthy happy fish. If your after something rare, let us know and we will track down your marine species or freshwater species for you if available.

We stock a range of accessories and foods from brands such as Eheim, Jagger, OSI, New Life Aquarium, HBH, Halei, Resun, Aquasonic, Biotec, Aquatopia, Brightwell, Boyu, Marine Sources and many more

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Tiger Oscar

Added Sun 17 Aug

Buy this fish online now for $9.95. 20 left

Assorted Female Guppy

Added Fri 01 Aug

Buy this fish online now for $3.95. 50 left

Green Reef Chromis

Added Thu 20 Feb

Buy this fish online now for $6.00. 66 left

Current Specials

Here are some of our current online specials.

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Altum Angelfish

Added Tue 04 Jun

Buy this fish online now for $69.00. 6 left

Fox Face Rabbitfish

Added Tue 04 Feb

Buy this fish online now for $22.00. 2 left

Navarchus Angel

Added Mon 01 Sep

Buy this fish online now for $100.00. 2 left